I love painting Ravens.  To me they are a mystical bird.  Did you know that Ravens, Crows, Magpies and Parrots are the most intelligent birds? Their intelligence is said to be on par with dolphins and chimpanzees.  Swedish scientists have shown that ravens have the ability to form memories similar to humans.

Ravens have at least 7 different calls and can imitate the calls of other birds, (jays, geese and crows)

In Greek mythology, Ravens are associated with Apolio, the God of Prophecy.  They were said to be a symbol of bad luck, and were the God’s messengers in the mortal world. 

The Raven is symbolic of mind, thought and wisdom according to the Norse legend as their God Odin was accompanied by two Ravens, Hugin who represents the power of thought and active search for information.  The other Raven, Mugin represented the mind. 

 When Raven as a spirit animal guide comes cawing loudly into your life, it marks a moment to pause and give serious consideration to the messages coming your way.

The Ravens of The Tower of London are a group of at least 6 Ravens that live at the Tower.  Their presence is believed to protect the Crown Jewels and Tower.  A superstition holds that if the Ravens are lost or fly away the Crown will fall and Britain with it.  A Raven keeper is even employed to care for and feed the Ravens.

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  1. Love ravens, crows and, now, your artwork!!❤️❤️❤️ I rescued a crow from a gang of turkeys on February 7 and named him/her Dickens. He’s still being rehabilitated at an amazing local wildlife rehabilitation center! Big shout out to http://www.wildforlife.org/home.aspx
    They are a small nonprofit but, do amazing things to rehabilitate and educate! We’ve been keeping in touch and hope to be able to release Dickens back with his murder very soon! I’ve been working on sketches of him to include in a children’s book I have rolling around in my brain! Your photos and artwork are truly inspirational! Thank you for sharing your incredible vision and talents!

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